Northland By Election Week 4

6 Mar

Week 4. The energy is building up. Before anyone gets carried away I want to clarify something personal here. This is an interesting entertainment spectacle, nothing more. There seem a whole plethora of people ready to see this as something else…more about them later.

Week 4. 3 more to go ? Is it ?

This week the candidates were finalised. The 2 main parties are in , with New Zealand First. Then there are the also rans. ACT, Focus,Cannabis peeps, the Climate Pparty and Mana. Colin Craig’s Conservatives ( he hopes they keep that name to remind them he’s the boss ) didn’t field a candidate, in order to protect National. That’s what they said anyway. There are also 3 Independents. One is Adam Holland. Holland is turning into the Lord Sutch of NZ politics. Where there’s a by-election there’s a Holland. He stood on a pro Christchurch ticket in the Christchurch East one. Cant wait to see how those values will go down North(or West) of the Brynderwyns. There’s also Bruce Rogan, an Ex Kaipara Councillor. He’s so angry that if he was Lou Ferringo he would have burst his pants into the Incredible Hulk by now. He’s so angry about the council, the rates, the illegal activity, all the others responsibility. I feel he’s gearing up for the big one ( the Council election later this year). In fact he has said that you shouldn’t vote for him but vote for Winston? He’s just publicising his point( or himself). He’s also telling other candidates, notably Labours, that they should also stand but ask people to vote for someone else. Jonathan Swift could not have done better.

Winston has a bus. It’s a lovely bus. It will probably be the star of the campaign. He’s visiting towns all over the place. The first opinion poll has him in the lead. Except there is a margin of error of 4.5% and a 19% don’t know/others. I suspect the others ( who I may look at in more detail in another post) couldn’t muster half that. So there’s a lot to play for. I saw Winston campaigning today. It was not charismatic at all. He wondered around a few guys handed out leaflets, then he got stalked by Mark Mitchell(National MP for Rodney). Mitchell finally caught up with him. They laughed, they joked. How they joked. I suspect Mitchell has been sent to nullify Winston on the borders. Here in the Northland constituency the two men chatted and laughed some more, while a Woman held a sign up behind them for Shiatsu Massage( 15 minutes). I though that was a dog? Swift as I say would have found this hard to believe.

3 more weeks. I am on a roll, so is Winston. But does any of it matter ? Of course not its just entertainment.


One Response to “Northland By Election Week 4”

  1. Adam Holland March 9, 2015 at 10:10 pm #

    Can’t agree with you more when you say it’s just entertainment matey!

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