Northland By Election Week 5

12 Mar

Its getting nearer…the light at the end of the tunnel, or bridge, may be a train coming the other way who can be sure.

It started off with another opinion poll, a fairly robust looking one that had Winston and Mark Osborne level. The poll showed Winston walking it if the Labour candidate exited. This seemed to excite Andrew Little to the point of mumbling equivocation. He hasn’t exactly pulled the candidate or eased off or anything, just a slight hint that voters should do what they think best. Yes Andrew that’s how it works in an election.

I suppose to be fair those voices trying to get Labour to support Winston are cautious. Cautious that they are supporting a man who isn’t trying to give them anything in return and cautious that only 7 months ago he called the Labour party supporters some outrageous and fairly rude things. Same old Winston.

Out came the National big bribes. We had the bridge upgrades, something even Mike Sabin was asking for. Confusingly Osborne announced this as a Government commitment. Today Key suggests that it may fall off the agenda if he doesn’t get his man.

Osbornes performance is generally poor and he has a major credibility issue around what he knew about Sabin.

Credibility issues yes lets talk about ACT. The Epsom rotten borough holders are threatening to pull their champion speaking candidate in favour of National. Its 3 voters will be sad. They are also threatening to take legal action against Winston Peters around his List MP status. Not sure the law is on their side or why a free market libertarian party wouldn’t just leave it to the electoral market. But then that’s ACT for you.

More promises when Amy Adams came to announce ultrafast broadband is coming to some parts of Northland. Yes the plan they gave in 2008 that may be delivered by 2019. Exciting stuff to announce at this time.

Voting opened this week. 604 people voted in the first 2 days. Compared to the general election there were 328 at this stage. I wont read too much into it yet, but I suspect turnout will be good.



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