Northland By Election Week 6

21 Mar

Is it , or is it week 5 or 7. Will it ever end ? And how will it end ? Judging by the sudden emergence of many Osborne billboards the Nats are finally getting a campaign going. But what of the smaller candidates. This week I read an advert for Bruce Rogan, its actually a poem he’s written encouraging you to vote New Zealand First. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it, in some ways it has caused temporary visual issues for me. I am doubting my own eyes , but will reprint it so you can share my pain.


Its not Milton is it ?


Anyway this week started with a cyclone coming, it didn’t really deliver much. Unlike Nats who have delivered bridges upon bridges. The only problem is the candidate doesn’t actually know where they are or what they are called. Osborne is a train wreck and even if he wins might have a short career. By elections require good performances and he’s been off the mark consistently.

Unlike the cannabis party ( or whatever they are called). The candidate got arrested for having drugs on her premises. Of course she did! What do you expect ? Respect surely to a politician living her values.

Winston made some noises about the Mangawhai water debt this week, the first time the Kaipara issues have come to the fore. No candidate seems keen to ensure the election takes place this year. Given that Sabin(whens his court date by the way ? And what is he charged with ?) led the validation bill to turn prior illegal actions into historic legal ones this should be a concern. Oh but it doesn’t beat laughing at nails does it.

Winston also claimed a threat to Wellsford Health Centre. Only problem is it doesn’t exist. So technically he’s correct of course.

And with that were getting to the final stretch. This will be one of the most talked of by elections for a generation. Its hard to remember one that has created so much risk for the obvious potential winner, certainly not since Selwyn or Tamaki. And yet there’s nothing really on offer. Winston claims, Osborne mumbles and people flock to vote New Zealand First as an anti Government gesture, forgetting Winston would have signed up to this Government last year had they needed him.




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