Northland By Election Weak , Very Weak 7

26 Mar


In the future this By Election will be looked back with intrigue and astonishment. Rather like when you realise Gulliver’s Travels is a satire or CS Lewis was just pushing the bible..there will come a moment when the country will say ” that’s what was going on..”. But in the present it just seems beyond belief.

A By Election caused by an MP resigning for a crime he may or may not have committed, may or may not have been guilty of, may or may not involve certain people, who was good enough to chair the Law and Order Select Ctte who resigned and became he who must never be named. McSabin. So here we are in a land of disbelief. Who better to replace the candidate who we don’t know what he did wrong with than a candidate who is not allowed to speak. Ok there’s a reason he doesn’t speak and its best articulated in reading what he did say when he did speak.

Here’s a link

SO since then he’s been paraded around in his check shirt threatening to bench press people ( whatever that means it obviously isn’t Sabin’s crime ) but having his words spoken by senior politicians who aren’t candidates.

This week it seemed there are concerns about his financial management of a trust he was GM of. Drip drip drip.

I have been disappointed that Andrew Little hasn’t fought a strong campaign to show how his Labour leadership is fighting the Nats. He could have fought a positive upbeat campaign, instead he has abdicated that role , the strong campaign aspect anyway, to Winston.

For we shall also look back and think did people get excited about Winston. Winston who wants to send them a message, but still support them in a non threatening way. Winston who is asking Labour voters to support him despite thinking they are gays and queens and having been on stand by to form a coalition with Key only 6 months ago. Winston who has been blowing more dog whistles than a sheep dog trial. Winston is supposed to be our saviour. He will get the bridges built on time.

It ends tomorrow, or maybe it starts tomorrow. Curiouser and Curiouser …but it’s no use going back to yesterday for I was a different person then ( Winston in Wonderland)


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