Twerking to Turking.Everyday Analysis Vol 2

13 Apr

Write about what you enjoy..and what you shouldn’t enjoy or cant explain why. The world is in front of us, a world of “new” enjoyment. Enjoyment we no longer easily understand, yet that enjoyment is at times piped.
Take the wonderful essay on the gender alignment of Kinder surprise eggs. I have always taken Kinder eggs to be a symbol of the modern world. All substance, agreed form, no real surprise. And now they are narrowing down the surprise risk with pink and blue eggs. If Kinder are doing this they must be onto something.The essay sees Kinder eggs as part of desire over functionality, shit and sugar perhaps. They are now pink and blue because …that’s how we express our desires.

I nodded intently at ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all ” and the premise that whilst we can express negative energy without speaking, when we get the chance to express ourselves we should take it, grab it and use it.

Theres a Gramscian element to the media analysis. Poversion. Do makers of reality TV shows about the poor reflect the poor ? Is the reflection artificial ? The mirror reflecting them is more like a Victorian hall of mirrors, a new reality created to reflect your ideological viewpoint of the poor and their plight. Of course for all reality tv there is no reality. The reality issue is also reflected in an essay on the BBC media hegemony. Red wedge is used as a focus point , that people created an artificial reality around its political pulling power. Those of us who remember it , remember it as weak, wet, political light( Weller had advocated for Thatcher in 79 so was hardly the socialist spokesman , Bragg went on to ask us to vote Lib Dem and look what happened then !). The BBC though would like us to think that its historical safety makes it factual. If they can recreate a myth around Red Wedge what wouldn’t they do ?

It was the Politics section of essays that caught my interest more than any others. Though I was sure McCarthy were being sarcastic when they sang about writing to your MP it’s a great intro to any essay. The Home Offices anti-immigration tweets are looked at for what they really are and Cameron as a knave not a fool makes interesting analysis.

Its Brand/Badio on (non)voting that stands out for me though as a subject close to my heart. The rise of a gaggle of commentators and pundits to dismiss the idea of not voting with the usual lines of ” then what do you expect” or “you can’t complain” need fully juxtaposing with the reality of Lib Dems betraying everything they asked you to support once they took your vote. Not voting is an action with as much meaning as voting, it can have an effect as well.

Theres plenty also on the language of UKIP and its demonization of “others” and “politicians”.which of course they are not! Depoliticization further re-inforces that there is a them and us and we will never be them even if we look speak act and think that way. Where this all ends is anyones guess.

I think the book got it wrong , it’s not write about what you enjoy its read about it, and this is a wonderful way to open yourself to the task.




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