By Elections 1974-79

2 Jun

Following on from my earlier post about Harold Wilson losing his majority. Some interesting things from those 30 By Elections.

1. Labour defended 20 of the 30 seats which seems disproportionate.
2. Of those 20 they held 13 of them, lost 6 to the Conservatives and 1 to the Liberals. The 6 includes Walsall North which they won at the October 74 election but didn’t hold due to Stonehouses defection (s).
3. The Conservatives defended 9 seats and gained a further 1 from the Speaker.
4.The National Front did alarmingly well at some of the polls. Often came third and managed over 8% of the poll in Birmingham Stretchford ( Roy Jenkins old seat).
5.The World Grid Sunshine Party stood in Rotherham in June 76. They later ( Great Grimsby 77) became the Sunshine Party.
6. The City of London election of Feb 77 included the ” Christ,Crown,Country,Commonwealth, Christian Constitution” candidate as well as the ” Christian Outreach to Britain, Anti-Pornography” candidate. What did they know about London ?
7.Malcolm Muggeridge Fan Club candidate got 30 votes in Great Grimsby, Blair almost won it for the Conservatives just missing out by 520 votes. Robert not Tony.
8. At Birmingham Ladywood the Socialist Unity candidate punched the NF candidate at the count.
9.Bournemouth East in November 77 saw the New Britain Party get 4.6% of the vote. They were a racist party with links to Patrick Moore the astronomer and more recent links to UKIP members.
10. Lambeth Central in April 78 had Jeremy Hanley and Corrin Redgrave on the ballot. The count must have been like an opening night gala.


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