A moment of truth

11 Dec

Steven Joyce has a barber, ponder this. It is a fascinating insight gained from Victoria University Press’s excellent new book on the 2014 New Zealand election ” moments of truth”.

The 2014 election will go down as being, well odd. Something with a lot of kinetic energy but having little impact on the outcome. This theme seems to run through the whole of this excellent book, a book that seems slightly stronger than its 2011 older sibling.

At one end we had Dirty Politics, what did that mean ? It seems the answer is not a lot. Whether you were offended , amused or enthused by it seems to only reinforce your original standpoint. And then there was the big reveal. Kim’s moment of truth. Big let-down for many.

I can’t help thinking after reading this book what is the point of John Key ? Seriously some will applaud the Nats strategy over the past 9 years. I am not one of them. The question I keep coming round to is this, is the strong mandate a kiwi way of reflecting the lack of vision ? How will future historians look back at Key ?

There’s a great blend of Media perspective, candidate perspective and academic analysis. I still don’t know of another book quite like it , and a CD !

I’m not sure that National – Key will be threatened in 2017. Some of the writers tackle the challenges lying ahead for the non-National block and particularly the role of Winston Peters. New Zealand is clearly developing its own , FPP mentality biased PR system, and in some ways it works well.

I look sometimes at the gaps in my collection of these books, it’s a look of annoyance and also a reality check on the challenges, a look perhaps that Steven Joyce’s barber gives to Steven Joyce’s head.




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