Welsh Assembly Election and Awful Puns

12 Jan

Theres a strange article in the Guardian at present …. It seems that the Welsh Assembly election in Caerphilly, home we are reminded of Tommy Cooper has a candidate who is shooting artificial snow at people. This the Guardian seems to feel is clowning. I would pass making a judgement on this as I suffer from caulophobia, ugh. However this makes a tenious link with Cooper. However he wasn’t a clown he was a magician / comedian/ sigher ( golfer see here).

The candidate is standing for UKIP , argh maybe that’s the clown thing, his snow thing is to show how UKIP are different …argh..( too many argh )
UKIP are expected to be the surprise package in the Welsh assembly elections this year. Well a known surprise package. The Welsh Assembly may be the surprise package in a set of elections this year. The poor relation to Scotland and London and the referendum but there could be something coming…
Yougov are predicting as many as 9 seats and that Lab with 27, the Cons with 12 Plaid Cymru with 10 and the Lib Dems with 2. This would make a Lab- PC coalition likely, though not inevitable.
UKIP has found a certain Welshness of late and its former MP Mark Reckless ( or Reckless Mark ) is standing .

Inevitably though it  seems to be that Labour will be the largest party by some margin. Since the Assembly was brought in they have always been the largest party and formed the government.
Indeed the law of averages would say Lab 28 Con 11 Plaid 13 and I am happy to back that as a result.

Since the Assembly came in there have only been 2 independents and both were disgruntled members. Well actually there have been 3 but thats another issue.

In 2003 John Marek was deselected as Labour Candidate. A former AM and MP for Labour he stood for his own grandly titled John Marek Independence party. Not a party committed to gaining independence from John Marek but actually in gaining , well gaining Wrexham. He held the seat but then lost it in 2007 under a more collegial banner.
He then stood for the Conservatives in 2011, for an Independent he kind of liked the party banner.

Peter Law became an Independent after being deselected as MP in 2005, he won his Westminster seat as an Independent but sadly died shortly after. His wife Trish Law stood in the by-election( for the assembly only ) and won. She defended the seat in 2007. Her claim to fame as an AM is that she attempted to prevent a reading of poems by Patrick Jones at the Assembly in December 2008. The book he was reading from “ Darkness is where the stars are “ had had its Waterstones reading cancelled after a Christian fundamentalist group threatened to close it down. Despite the Blasphemy law no longer existing Law found the poems blashphemous and tried to have the reading stopped.

Jones poems include the lines “ today I have become a born again atheist “ and “ god does not die because he was never alive “ hardly controversial in 2008. Jones is the brother of Manic Street Preachers bass player Nicky Wire ( Jones)


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