Son of Super Tuesday

18 Mar

So its mid March , in fact its nearly Easter. We’ve had Super Tuesday and Son of ( child of ?) Super Tuesday, we’ve said goodbye to some good money – Bush and Rubio.

Trump, he’s still trumping along. Trumpets,trumpety, trumpets Trump.

Beep beep he swears , he trumps, he scores. HE gets attacked by some odd places


he scores , he trumps, he just keeps going…

Did I wake up in 1968 or something ? is this ad for real

but first he has to win the nomination


will he ? Everyone is now an expert. an expert in Republican convention making even though we are in a strange place. A place where Trump makes Cruz and Katich ( who he ) seem like they could be reasonable compromise candidates when they would normally be wild eyed swivel heads. he trumped and did that.

The trilema facing the Republicans is this, he leads but it needs a roll call vote ? Will they support a loser , a person who couldn’t get there own party to support them, then if he wins ( one way or the other ) will they be able to forget all this and unify (NO) and thirdly (tri u see ) if he goes his own way ( or some other right wing candidate does ) its splitting the outside chance they have to beat Hilary anyway.

Hilary who is just slowly accumulating, will need to make peace with Sanders and then wonder how you campaign against someone who makes you out to be a dog .

For me though the highlight of the campaign has been that guy who dresses up as the Mexican wall. I wish dressing up as policies had been something in previous elections it would have been fun. Imagine dressing up as the Iran-contra policy, an invisible man with one arm around his illegal friend buying a drink for his public enemy . Or imagine dressing up as a health care cut, or gun control ? I would like to see someone dressed as a flat tax rate , but only 25% not this 15% rubbish.




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