Crone and her signs

24 Mar

Now I like election billboards ( or hoardings ) and I could look at them all day every day , and secretly I do. However Victoria Crone is either ill advised or playing for effect with her billboards. Clearly a sign that says vic4mayor is a campaign billboard and clearly it breaches election rules that anyone with any understanding of local elections would have advised her against. If she’s playing for effect ( those pesky pen pushers ) it may not be on an issue that will set the world on fire.

She has managed some publicity though.

Might she have legal rights ? Its an interesting point made by Prof Geddis and the whole issue does need relooking at. I am always confused at how signs can’t be displayed on election day despite the number of votes being in well before then, what are the implications of this ? Perhaps Crones contribution to local politics may be to get the billboard rules changed, brilliant …but she’s still being poorly advised.



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