Enjoying It

26 Mar

The New Zealand Cricket team we are told are on a winning streak because they are now “enjoying” playing Cricket. A group of adults who are paid to engage in a pursuit that many people give up free time, unpaid, to pursue are now enjoying it. The adults doing this for no monetary return and one suspects often for no playing success or personal achievements presumably do so because they enjoy it. The players being paid professionally it seems need this enjoyment switch turned on to “turn it on “. Being paid to pursue a leisure activity may not in itself be enjoyable.

I was struck by the irony of the above report whilst reading ” Enjoying It Candy Crush and Capitalism ” by Alfie Bown. Bown takes us inside the drivers behind a new real fake world. One where we are told ( or certainly it is suggested )what is enjoyable , what is acceptable and how we should respond. This real fake world may allow us to escape our real real world and engage on a completely different yet reassuringly similar fake sphere. Posting our Candy Crush scores on Facebook while we should be working being a wonderful example. Though like those out of touch high court judges I started this book wondering ” what exactly is candy crush ” before pulling my own real fake world head in. That real life footballers prefer football manager the game to playing football might help me understand the issue facing New Zealand cricketers.

The idea that popular culture is now taught at University should ensure our real real world will never run out of Dominic Sandbrookes in the future but I digress.

Well I don’t. Bown throws us the idea to consider whose popular culture is it anyway ? Any why do we need Game of Thrones to tell us about philosophy when , err Philosophy can do this. Or many other cultural experiences. Enjoyment is no longer pleasure seeking it is also something we seem to need to express.

Will future Cricketers need to study the enjoyment studies degree ? Perhaps . But what of the fans? Is our enjoyment, like the players, wrapped up in the pleasure of winning ? Surely not , it is more the enjoyment of belonging, and being seen to belong. The Selfie as self assurance creates a whole new ego. I take your Candy Crush and raise you to watching T20! I just hope for their sakes they can keep enjoying the game even when the inevitable losing streak returns.



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