The Indian Election of 2014

20 Apr

Chai Wallah – that’s an insult right , well yes but it was turned into a great political advantage by the recipient. Suddenly you could have a cup of tea and a chat with the Man himself. Tea that symbol of the great British need to sell things, rather like the FPP electoral system bequeathed to India.

The 2014 Indian election was something else. Virtual

in 3d. Here, there, everywhere.

yet at the same time as running one of the most tech savvy targeted campaigns of all time the BJP also ran the most basic stereotypical cricket ads. The character look like pre World Series cricketers. The messages are anti-congress but using the World T20 cricket buzz to make some points a captain that doesn’t turn up , bribing officials etc. You get the message. The voters certainly did.

But here’s some interesting things. The BJP trounced everyone and everything. This was a landslide. I don’t mind telling you that I fear Modi and the BJP. Theres an undercurrent there, its confusing but also clear. e-government and price controls? An anti-immigration, anti gay Pro Hindu party. If ever an Indian Government were to invade Pakistan one fancies it would have BJP written across it. In a country where access to cooking gas cylinders was an issue, Modi lead the charge for satellite technology.

A party leader was found to have suggested Nurses were ugly,while a BJP candidate was filmed handing out money. One model posed semi-nude to support Modi whilst another completely nude for Gandhi. A nation of 800 million voters wondered why. It lead to the wonderful statement ” The BJP has decided to take legal action against models who try to make a name by defaming the party”.

A fifth of the candidates were facing some form of legal action. 186 of the 541 elected were facing charges 9 of murder and 17 of attempted murder.

The campaign though may change international politics a huge concentrated set of micro campaigns, yet at the same time Trumps roller brush seems to have made everyone think again. A strong Government among dodgy politicians, who laugh at not with you, Don’t be gay or nude…but have cup of tea.


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