Zac Goldsmith and his Pint

4 May

This Thursday London will elect a new Mayor. Boris is going back to politics and Londoners have what appears a slightly underwhelming choice between Goldsmith and Khan.

Goldsmith has been accused of running a fairly toxic race based campaign, Peter Oborne badged it with Smethwick 1964 ( often confused with Leyton 1965 ) and Peter Tatchells 1981 by-election defeat.(His campaign billboards have had more of a touch of the Crosby/Textor framed 2005 New Zealand billboards.)  Zac though has a serious crime in the British psyche,apparently he can’t hold a pint. Forget that he may have some allergy to beer, that he may have been momentarily steadying the glass, forget that he’s actually of the beer bottle generation ( sadly not a Tommy Cooper joke ) and forget that , well he’s well a man. You see isn’t this one of the “suggestions” about a man who can’t “hold”his pint, it’s a euphemism for being a soft man, not a real man, maybe a gay man. Of course real men don’t have hands equipped to hold pint glasses and also drink in enormous volumes in one attempt.

It was according to many on social media his bacon sandwich moment. Remember anyone born before 2014 or who wasn’t listening, this was the moment when Ed Miliband blew his chance to be Prime Minister by pulling a funny face as he ate a dead pig between two bits of bread. I know, we are now entering a gastronomic food and beverage wonderland for Politics. I wonder if Ronald Regan slurped his coffee ? Does Donald Trump use a fork for eating fries ? It’s all so exciting. Pint vs champagne Flute , Does Khan drink ? No doubt  George Galloway ( also a reminder for anyone born before 2014 he was the guy on celebrity big brother ) will have mentioned this as he did in his Bradford Spring ( again if your young ignore that reference along with the Leyton by-election and Tommy Cooper )




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