1 Jul

I have written some rambling thoughts on the campaign before Bristeria and thoughts on the whole UKIP thing ( though somewhat outdated ) UKIP a racist string of sausages..or the milosevic-isation of debate. 

A week ago the future of British politics seemed predictable if not straightforward. This week the dust doesn’t seem to know where to settle. It seems rash to predict much at the moment, though there are plenty of negatives to consider, and it seems very few positives. Negatives not just in those things that are unpalatable, but also those things we know no longer to be true, to exist or to have a future.


Referendums are blunt instruments( yes Referendums not Referenda )

You don’t always get answers to the question you ask. Much is being made of this being about giving the elite a smack in the nose. The anti-elite can’t seriously be represented by Johnson and Farage, so lets assume it is a lumpen anti-elite on top of this high Tory caste. Are they using this as a way of getting an anti-politics message across ? I would wonder if this is too simplistic. David Cameron, who is now going home to straighten his tie, put on his proper suit and sing his national anthem , has used Referendums to avoid the short-comings of his political leadership. 3 times he adopted a negative position of “leave things alone” yet asked the people to decide. The fall out of the Scottish Independence Referendum where people felt they may have been short-changed on the promises, combined with the over zealous campaigning language probably made the EU Referendum a vote too far. He had saved his own skin last time, alas this time he failed.

Calls for a second referendum will only add to the confusion and chaos. At what point do you really decide the people have spoken ? Parliament made a mess of the Referendum by not having thresholds in it, but you can’t restart the process on that basis. To quote John Major the only way forward for a new vote would be after a process of ” negotiate and decide”


Labour is lost

Labour is currently split in a way it hasn’t been since , well since the 1980s which isn’t that long ago. The Parliamentary group had hoped to use this result to exit the unpopular leader. However the party still support him and oddly it is the MP’s and former MP’s starting to look out of touch on this one. The opposition has decided to tear itself apart just when it is needed most. It seems Corbyn will remain Leader, so then what? I heard Jack Straw comparing it to a 1930s Trotskyite plot ! This is not language most voters would understand or warm to. What those MPs will do remains to be seen. They can’t sulk on the back benches forever…can they ?

British Politics is in a state of flux

It seems that for the past 10 years the kaleidoscope has been fractured. From the outside it looks like Britain has struggled to get to grips with its new-found pluralism. Regional assemblies and Parliaments, elected Mayors etc have created a fractured microcosm of political debate. At times it doesn’t fit a national narrative ( Zac Goldsmith anyone Zac Goldsmith and his Pint). At times it does. Mainly though it revolves around Power and a culture of centralisation rather than democracy. I can’t see through the fuzziness as to how a General Election will occur before 2020…but it may only be me. It does seem though that Brexit and its implications have become the agreed norm. The debate, ridiculous as it was ( where is the Budget Osborne promised us ? ), seems over. At least until the negotiations begin.

Don’t ever listen to anyone telling you the 70s were a crisis.

Since 2007 we have had the Global Financial Crisis, the expenses scandal, Browns leaderless Premiership, the coalition, Austerity, the Pasty Tax, Scottish Independence issues, The EU Referendum …and on and on. This is the decade of Ungovernable Britain.I don’t see the next few years receding from this. A Parliament split across a major issue and out of touch with the public, working through the implications of withdrawing from the EU…All we need is for the bin men to go on strike.

2/3 of Migration to the UK is from outside of the EU

Just saying


The Tories leadership crisis is chaotic and clumsy. But they always are. Pick anyone at random and have a look at it, they are always the same. I’m more concerned though that in voting for the EU exit, many of those who did vote because they are suffering from the economic ill wind are going to find themselves lashed to Austerity Mark II. What positives do those left behind get to draw from this ? That they can be heard if a Toff lets them ! Too simplistic I know, but this isn’t the great awakening of the lower working class, it may be the final destruction for many of them as the regions get further decimated.When Teresa May is considered a compromise you know the future is bleak.

It seems odd that only a week after the Referendum, rather than looking at how Britain got into the mess where a Racist murder of an MP occurs, it is instead wondering how sinister Michael Goves wife is !





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