Playboy of the Brexit World

13 Jul

I must get over this , but can’t help feeling Brexit is the British political event that will reset all other recent issues. A massive shake up of a snow globe.

In the play “The Playboy of the Western World”, a man appears in a small Irish town claiming to be on the run after killing his Father. The man , Christy Mahon, becomes an object of fascination and admiration. A clear and strong character. Eventually when his Father, who is clearly not dead, turns up the town turns against him. It seems they are disappointed in him, for not having committed the crime. When Christy then tries to kill his Father ( the first time or second time whose counting)  the villagers then react by trying to lynch Christy. I can’t help finding lots to consider about current British Politics in this play. Mass disappointment and support for actions that seem crazed, upset in those actions that don’t seem as crazed as you were told after all. Embellishment, lies, a desire to have those whose bad behaviours haven’t reached our poor standards punished. It’s all so simple really. We want to be mistreated, on clear black and white lines. When we are not we resent it, how else can you explain the following…

Teresa May is now the Prime Minister of the UK. Only a couple of weeks after the Brexit vote, a campaigner for Remain is now leading the Brexit Government. She was portrayed in some way as a compromise, May the pro-custodial, anti-immigration, hardline rhetorical basher of clerics, now looks like a mainstream response thanks to the wild claims and assumed rubbish rhetoric of our own Christy Mahon – in the shape of Johnson/Farage and Gove.  May appeared in a contest where the rhetoric was clear, 48% lost, 52% won. Those of us not in the 52% can clearly swing into it to maximise our opportunity. May perhaps is Christy Mahon, hoping we don’t reveal her truth when it comes down to it.

The new adventures of the great moving right show. Stuart Halls essay is just as relevant today, in  the era of far right murders of politicians, death threats to immigrants, an opposition that opposes itself. The period of crisis is presented as two versions of nationalism, a social democratic celtic version and a little Englander UKIP version. This is the new version of the great debate , the two versions being irreconcilable form a crisis. Yet the crisis is something more. Those competing versions sit across the main political parties, certainly at Westminster. UKIP takes its leadership from the old Tory elite and its votes from old Labour left behinds. Old Labour left behinds don’t support old Labour style leadership in Corbyn, nor the Blair-lite on offer in the PLP. The Conjectural as Hall and Gramsci might say is the Westminster party system holding together beliefs that run like water over a waterfall. The response it seems , sadly, is another swing to the right. Teresa May is the answer, what on earth was the question.

Sadly the answer doesn’t look like it will involve Corbyn. My sadness is that I anticipated Corbyn vs Leadsom as being like an episode of the good life.I need no further explanation. Those marching Leadsomettes was the oddest thing I have seen for some time.Leadsom brought a fatal blow on herself by the politics of the reproductive system. These are not straight forward times.

I read a couple of passing references post Brexit to the film Passport to Pimlico. An Ealing comedy you will recall.Charles Hawtrey on the old Joanna. The crux of the film is that a post war town in London finds itself actually part of France. It therefore leaves the UK and runs its own anti-austerity state-lette. it’s not Lords of the Flies, and of course what eventuates is a reawakening in the gawd bless the Queen mum style Englishness. Would this be a future of the independent London or Scotland ? Does this prove that Brits are really a breed apart from Europe anyway ? It seems it is a film you can take and place any Brexit political message across. My take for whats its worth is that it’s a pro-austerity propaganda film. You couldn’t take the freedom Charles, you couldn’t take it. Play your piano but with ration coupons.


Maybe Brexit will be the point that British politics couldn’t bend anymore. I don’t know, but the Labour party looks, well fissiparous if I am using big words.The membership and the MPs are further apart than they have ever been. One wonders if any party could survive this. And what will it look like if it does and if it doesn’t. The Bi-patrisan days have gone in every sense except the party governing system . Look busy Teresa Mays coming she doesn’t mind incarceration. Just hope shes Christy Mahon and not the Mayo town he finds himself in.



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