Joy of Benn

4 Nov

One of the joys of Tony Benns later diaries are the unintentional humour. They make you realise how human he was as a politician. The 1991-2001 diaries are probably the high watermark for this.

I put my fingers in my pocket, pulled out what I thought was a sweet,popped it in my mouth and it was a mothball.

Went to the May Day march. There were about 200-250 on the march with about four banners-the Spartacists,SWP,Militant,Tommy Sheridan’s mother. “ I love the idea of a banner saying Tommy Sheridans Mother on it …though I fear I have misunderstood this point.

“ was the same old flat,same uncomfortable bed with a rubber sheet,same electric light bulb,which is broken; but still we’re very fond of it.”

“ ..came back on the last train, was a bit more courageous. With my fingernails I removed the No Smoking notice from the window and just sat there and smoked my pipe.The guard came by and didn’t say a word  ‘

she followed me in and while I was signing books said things like “ and how are the greyhounds getting on,Mr Benn ?….ive seen you with them outside your caravan””

so i turned to the members who were sitting and said “ what he has done is contrary to the Speaker’s ruling of 1622 “. They all roared with laughter and when the Sergeant had left, i said i’d made it up

I forgot to say that I bought some Ryvita and cheese on the train and breathed in at the wrong moment, and got a bit ion the biscuit stuck in my throat and began to choke….I really did think I was going to die.”  What is it with him and food !

I was tidying the flat without dressing when the phone rang …” My mind continues to boggle

“Came home and hadn’t paid my phone bill so it had been cut off.”

Glad it doesn’t just happen to me.


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