New Zealand Electoral Billboards

Mt Albert By-Election and others…2017

Don’t think I had gone away. I never sleep, like a face on a billboard.

North power electricity elections in 2016, they saw a wave of populist uprising and….no actually they didn’t. Nor did the Mt Roskill by-election.

What is it with Mt’s and by-elections at the moment? Do you think the first name Labour poster will be the model used in the general election ? I think so, it is a reflection on how little Mr Little is an asset. The opportunities van was a sight to behold. He drove off before I could get a picture of the curly haired candidate on the side. They are fighting the Peoples party, ACT and United Future to see who gets to political oblivion first.

2016 !!

Local Election wrap-up


Part 5

to get you through the weekend, have you voted yet ?

Hang on whose putting Rodney First ? They look different ?


What I would say to Sayers is that he is sideways…I wouldn’t say anything to Southernwood as she doesn’t ask me to …

Part 4

Where were we…apparently today is vote day as opposed to voting day which is next week ! Confusing this lark isn’t it ? Heres some odds and sods to tide you over , i stole most of these images from other places , i am the billboard magpie.

Would you ? Could you ?

The x factor indeed…cross marketing type thingy …


The old one for the price of two approach. Not sure the C&R one works ?

Dont confuse him with Bill Ralston the raving radical leftie. Bill looks like he might win, Mike Lees urinated his political capital up the wall so to speak.


Between you and I, Fay Freeman needs to lose the jaunty hat.

What use is a name if it can’t be put to political marketing effect


Part 3

Auckland Special , this is Phil Goff he likes blue and green but not red.

Phil Goff does have teeth though even if Mark Thomas thinks he doesn’t. Mark Thomas got my quote of the campaign when he said he was the margin of error. And what an error!img_3592

City Vision all crowding around a blank screen C&R like a bit of Blue, but not Phil Goff blue.

Labour does have candidates in Auckland , one who looks like Dr Who.They like Red, unlike Phil Goff who was never Labour.

For a change …thats the same crowd scene that City Vision and C&R do – you charlatans !


In Dirty Politics Slater was rude about Denise Krums hair, which i think is unkind as it is nice hair ( he said it was hippy hair which is not really an insult to many of us !). Vic Crone looks like she made an effort to have her hair like that – I bet Slater doesn’t like it either.

What would he make of the follicles of these guys . Palino , are you still here ?

Tyrone Raumati looks like a bad 70s cop – but in a good way. Wesley Simpson looks like a bad 70s cop but in a less good way.


Part 2



Got to be one of the best campaign slogans , maybe a board with “abstain wayne “on it would be more entertaining ..


Go Whangerai is a team approach

Re-elect …with added pictures in case you forgot how you wasted your vote last time.

Part 1

She’s standing , you see …get it ? She’s ready for business though, as it the perennial rolling up of sleeve picture.

In case you forgot who you voted for last time, Craig Brown wants you to Re-Elect him, Im not sure of the use of Italics on signs but who knows.


Ive always liked the idea of voting for someone who no one else will vote for, especially if I keep it a secret or lie about it . Sadly I can’t then take the honest choice and join others in voting for Sue Glen.


Something to tide me over

until a proper election..



Northland By-Election 2015

Close your eyes and it could be the 2014 election all over again. Kaipara will be going to the Polls more than a Polling thing this year…I expect to see lots of billboards.




oh dear.


How we laughed…well be laughing on the other sides of our faces now.




Yes ACT had a candidate


The candidate even had a friend..


but he didn’t have a T-shirt


or an alternative candidate asking people to vote for him !!


2014 General Election

2014 part 6 …getting weak now

Not very popular then

More popular but strange crease right across the middle ?

When I was a child there was a rumour that they never put the Kenny Dalglish sticker in packets as that was the rare one everyone wanted. This Paul Goldsmith billboard is close to that myth.

Taken at speed

Not sure how much these boards are hitting the mark ..

Same old same old


this guy could be in with a shout who knows , at least he wants the party vote

same same old old

featuring several ex leaders and several people who want to be the next leader.

My family !


and variation for this …a female.

2014 part 5 ..seriously 5…

seems a bit scary to me !..

I dreamt I climbed Enid Blytons Faraway Tree and at the top was Dame Rankin standing in for Dame slap all stern and then Colin’s little face …hes tiny isnt he ?

NZ climate party …no me neither

ACTs only chance looking very stern as well…Epsom must like stern

Less stern …but less of a chance.

Mana try Zany

Mana try more Zany

Mana try windows

You dont see many of these , United Future who once campaigned in French.

2014 Part 4 …and its still August !

A surprise to see a different face..Rodney is the Conservatives heartland. Looks a bit “big brother” though.

Heres little brother keeping an eye on him and those nasty taxis..or taxes..

A politician campaigning for less politics. A bit dog whistle this..hes not one of them , just wants to be so he can remain one of us ( one of us who smacks children and insults teen mothers). Pity no one has thought of being the outsider in New Zealand politics before…

Oops someone did.

This electorate, and this man, may well decide the whole election result. He does not look nervous.

This man wont. Too much information on a crowded board. However full marks for the sleeves rolled up , ready to do business.

One for the price of Two…or Two for the price of One. It really wont matter.

Two for the price of Two. Not much focus on the Party which is odd given she is not going to win the electorate.


2014 Election Part 3

Seen as I dont have a copy of Nicky Hagers book ( if anyone has a spare please send it to me..) I grab a couple more pictures
This lot should be candidates with no chance

Has any politician ever stood to be soft on crime …or less tough ..meaningless ( the slogan not ACT ..well )

Labour will do well to be third in Rodney ( although using the guy from Fair Go is a bit of a coup )

Its Davis vs Harawira

Even a different poster its still Davis vs Harawira…

2014 Election Part 2

going upside down so hope this doesnt get confusing …
This Labour campaign is risking getting confusing , it seems to be focussed on the candidate not the party vote

..and this candidate who is in one of the biggest elecctorate clashes in the country isnt actually asking for a vote…yet

and Phil Twyfords hiding behind a tree, which may be a pitch for the green vote ?

or maybe hes sensibly hiding from his opponent , who ” alledgedly’ hit someone last year ..

two ticks..see Labour thats how you do it ..

A Doctor

The risk when you put a semblance of policy on a billboard is it seems to make little sense

and smart phrases also seem to backfire …though this may be (another) dig at Colin Craig

I suspect this isnt a doctored poster but a complete one designed to look like one …if you know what I mean.

General Election billboards are sadly pretty dull. They follow various national patterns and only the names change. Theres less colour and imagination than at local level.But anyway here goes …..

2014 Election Part 1.


Its simple and it works like this ..Party Vote , Candidate Vote.


again Party Vote,Candidate Vote.


or Party Vote because your hot shot candidate got shafted…


..or Candidate Vote because your hot shot party got shafted…


Candidate …dont mention the Leader


Party ….dont mention the leader


Party …with Leaders…


Party vote because the owner got shafted by someone elses leader…


sadly this looks like they are at a urinal…


Party Vote …


maybe New Zealand First I am not sure …

Local Government elections in New Zealand have historically been run without political parties ( or officially anyway). This makes for some more ” interesting ” billboards. I wanted to record some for posterity. I have been surprised that although many candidates and campaigns are more digital , the old fashioned billboard is still seen as a campaign tool worth having. Although perhaps some candidates would do better without them …but more of that.

Part One


Perhaps the most direct and clear billboard you will see No to something Yes to something (else ). Sadly I have no idea what either of these things are .


Its Black and White , its Black and White.


I know lets make it Black and White …oh


Feel sorry for those people who voted for him previously, it can no longer be a vote for change. What change …oh who cares.


A billboard that made an excellent target for a passing bird .


Remembers the principles of the STV system , Number 1.


Some contrasting boards. The Conservatives who are trying to see if they can get their vote out for the next General Election have decided that height is an electoral asset. The one next to it has decided against height and put down some actual policy issue.

Part Two


City Vision ( Labour party ) for the Auckland DHB. Odd they don’t include names but the election is under STV.


Democracy , sanity and common sense. Who could not want that.


The big tick , a great reminder.


Again another tall Conservative , how tall is Colin Craig I wonder ??


Clearly a Green Party candidate for Orakei Local Board ( good luck ! ) . Seems the Greens are using common backgrounds.


How he must wish it was In-power not Empower !


Sadly not a great picture but this is Citizens and Ratepayers ( The Right ) standing for Auckland DHB. They do include names. Which may be a good tactic.


I hazard a guess this is not a natural picture. The Orakei local board reminding you they don’t just want to be elected , they demand re-election.


The classic cartoon effect Charlie Brown , sorry Len Brown , for Mayor. Is there a law about pencil line representation in billboards ?


Dog whistle alert. He hears you ….sadly I heard him on the Radio. Hes not going to be the next Mayor ( sorry John ).



Re-elect a sensible approach when no one really knows any of the candidates. This is Kaiparas only chance to elect this year due to the suspension of Council District elections.


Yawn. Guaranteed to make you sleep vote. The Labour slate all use the same red background and slightly cheesy head shots.


But this , this uses Pink. There is not enough Pink in electoral billboards.



The belt and braces approach. However the vote now sign makes it look like a comedy tie.


Not everyone gets to vote for these trusts so use that vote to re-inforce party boundaries.


A very simple , probably home made sign , for Northland DHB and Regional Council. “RE-Elect”.


Boring Labour sign again ( but you thought local elections didnt run on party slates ? )


Another home made sign for Northland DHB …maybe its catching.


I defy anyone to read this without resorting to a Leslie Phillips voice …Helllooooo


Double candidate ( greedy ) lots of info , gets lost a bit.


A team of Independents ? Ill understand that sometime, but maybe not before the election.


Possibly not enough information ? A minimalist effort.


Even without a candidate Cameron Brewer still puts up billboards.!!!


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  1. Anon August 14, 2017 at 5:55 am #

    Over 56 National party billboards attacked with pink NO’s and yellow X’s in Northland. Dargaville and Whangarei hit hardest.

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